Patient Responsibility

Invest in patient relationships. The payoff is immense

  • Get Medical Records

    Plug-and-play | Pay-as-you-go Service

    Leverage the legal powers of the patient to get medical records and get the claim paid. Under HIPPA law providers must send medical records upon the patient's request within 30 days. 

    • AI-engine automatically sends medical records request package to the patient if the claim is denied for lack of supporting medical records

    • Explanation of charges and instructions are included

    • All forms are pre-filled and ready to sign 

    • Sign form online, by fax, or mail with an included envelope

  • Update Insurance

    Plug-and-play | Add-on App

    Let patients update insurance with a few clicks if the claim is denied because of wrong insurance information.

    AI engine automatically sends a text, email or mail with direct link and QR code to update insurance information.

    • Coverage is immediately validated online

    • The claim is automatically re-filed with the right payer

    • The patient can see the remaining deductibles 

    Try the app online, select "Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas" from payer list to see the demo case.

  • Patient Estimates

    Integration required | Service

    Don't just slap the patient with a bill, show that you care and establish relationships early. 

    • Send patient responsibility estimate for the real cost of the service after the insurance price adjustment

    • Include current deductibles levels to estimate the patient portion of the bill

    • Offer assistance and payment plan options

  • Patient BIlling

    Plug-and-play | Pay-as-you-go Service

    Employ sensible and humane billing to maximize patient collections. AI engine automatically converts EOBs and uploads data to the billing platform with modern billing features.

    • Prompt Payment Discounts

    • Payment Plans

    • Patient Portal, any Form of Payment

    • Integration with Major Accounting Systems

You have nothing to lose, literally - evaluation is easy and free