Denial Management Apps and Services

PayPredict  AI engine powers a suite of web applications and services that help analyze, predict, avoid, and recover medical claim denials

  • Opportunity Finder

    Plug-and-play App

    Fast interactive root-cause analysis of claim denials with multiple drill-down dimensions.

  • Denial Worklist

    Plug-and-play App

    See recoverable denials and refile claims with a single click while staying within timely filing limits.

  • Smart Claim Editor

    Plug-and-play App

    Mend and re-submit claim for anyone anywhere online with a few clicks and AI-assistance. No billing software required.

  • On-demand AR

    Pay-as-you-go Service

    Get instant help from our labor partners with AR recovery on a contingency basis.

  • Code Assist

    Plug-and-play App

    Instant lookup of LCD and NCCI rules. Prediction of payment risks by private carriers. Try free version

  • RCM KPIs

    Plug-and-play App

    Powerful,  flexible and customizable visual analytics powered by Google Data Studio. 

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